Cancer.Fitness® Wristband (Blue) x 3 | Cancer.Fitness®

Cancer.Fitness® Wristband (Blue) x 3

The Cancer.Fitness® wristband is for anyone dealing with cancer. It has multiple messages on it and can be worn 24/7 to remind you to keep moving and never give up. Three (3) wristbands per order!


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Product Code: Cancer.Fitness® Wristband Producer: MAWaza, LLC Seller: Cancer.Fitness® Coach Email: Address: USA Phone: (833) CNCRFIT (833-262-7348)

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Wear the Cancer.Fitness® wristband to motivate yourself to keep moving throughout your cancer journey.  Give it as a gift to someone you know that needs that extra motivation.  Each order contains three (3) wristbands!  One for you and one for a friend, family member or someone you feel could use the support.
Cancer.Fitness® offers FREE fitness and healthy living programs for those dealing with cancer.  The wristbands are embossed with the Cancer.Fitness® logo, the Prepare - Endure - Thrive program phases as well as a printed motivational message "Get Up! Get Out! GET MOVING!" on the inside of the band.  
This is the perfect gift for those needing that extra motivation to get them through the day or workout!