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Cancer.Fitness® Workout Towel

This towel utilizes CleenFreek antimicrobial technology to help keep you as healthy as possible while working out. Patented antimicrobial technology protection will keep your towel cleaner and fresher between washings.


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Product Code: CFTOWEL Producer: MAWaza, LLC Seller: Cancer.Fitness® Coach Email: Address: USA Phone: (833) CNCRFIT (833-262-7348)

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Helps fight MRSA, Staph, Germs & Odor by preventing bacteria and fungus.
  • Terry velour material makes it easy to wipe your brows and face when you are sweating.
  • CleenFreek antimicrobial technology also helps banish bugs to keep you even healthier
  • Made with 100% cotton material, hemmed around the edges
  • Size: 12" x 42" so it is just the right size for anyone getting a workout in