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Getting and staying fit throughout your cancer journey is essential for your health, mind and spirit.

The Cancer.Fitness® Coach will assist you with your specific fitness goals and provide you with custom exercise schedules and routines for every phase of the Cancer.Fitness® Program. Whether you are newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment or post treatment, there are things you can do to improve your health and fitness levels. Here are a few of our featured members.

Cancer.Fitness® Program
Cancer.FItness Program

The Cancer.Fitness® Program consists of 3 phases:

PREPARE - for newly diagnosed patients that need to get themselves in the best shape possible before their treatment begins.

ENDURE - for patients undergoing treatment. This phase focuses on keeping you moving and energized to limit side effects of treatment.

THRIVE - when you have completed treatment and want to get back to your pre-diagnosis fitness levels and beyond.

Each phase consists of a series of workout routines, specific exercise movements, and schedules developed to motivate, develop and maintain your strength throughout your cancer journey. Your home is your gym so you don't have to worry about going to a commercial facility where your immune system could be compromised by unsanitary conditions.

It's time for you to get and stay healthy with Cancer.Fitness®!

Cancer.Fitness® Community Offers More...

Designed for all those dealing with cancer. Patients, Caregivers, Care Teams, Family and Friends. All are welcome and encouraged to participate in the workouts.

Personal Profile

Your own profile that you can manage for sharing with friends, family and your care team. Audio, video and text communications too.


Your Social Network

Create your own list of people to keep in touch with while sharing information, videos, pictures and more.


Worldwide Access

Expand your mission of getting back to wellness with people from all over the world that are going through the same experiences as you.

Cancer.Fitness® Coach - an ISSA Elite Trainer
Enrico DePaolis -

Certified Fitness Trainer - Specialist in Exercise Therapy - Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
Certified Martial Arts Fitness and Group Instructor - Certified CPR and AED for Infants, Children and Adults - Senior Healthcare/Life Sciences Consultant, 45 years in the Martial Arts, and lifelong fitness enthusiast

If you are looking to get back into, or continue to build on your personal fitness goals, work with me to make the changes in your life that will prepare you during your cancer journey. Work directly with the Cancer.Fitness® Coach to develop a plan that works for you. Workout with others in the challenge groups or go one on one with the Coach! Live chat allows you to interact with others and the real-time news feeds provide access to the latest information on clinical studies, general information and the latest in medical knowledge.

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